Meet the Team

Brian Jenkins

Brian Jenkins is an entrepreneur, Father, Husband, Christ follower and proud American. He’s a Colorado native with hunting in his blood. His wife and kids are his utmost passion in life- bow hunting is an incredibly close second. Any chance Brian has to get to the woods with his bow, he’ll take it. The respect he carries for the animals he hunts as well as the sport itself is a strong legacy he dreams of leaving for his son and two daughters. Patriot Hunter is the product of Brian’s lifelong passion and dreams of bringing healing through the hunt. Hunt Like A Patriot!

Dan Wallis

Dan is an entrepreneur, Chiropractor, speaker, man of faith, family man, bow hunter, and proud American.  With any free time he has, you can find him with his wife and 2 girls, shooting his bow, or occasionally chasing a golf ball around the woods .  His passion for hunting has grown into a drive to provide nourishment for his family and friends, honor the animal with excellence and skill with his bow, and a deep love and respect for God's creation in the great outdoors.  He believes there is nothing like the comradery that comes from a hard, big mountain elk hunt with his best friends and brothers, and can't wait for those early morning September sunrises every season.

Zach Donaldson

Zach was born with an affinity for the Outdoors. Growing up with a Father that loves to hunt and fish, he wasted no time getting in the woods. He has a wife, who is a serial entrepreneur and the love of his life, as well as 2 boys that are made from the same mold. When Zach isn't working, lifting weights, or hanging with his family, you can find him shooting his bow, fishing or probably looking through his gear to see what new thing he needs to add to his hunting collection. God Bless America!

Luke Hoffman

Luke is the quiet one of the group. He grew up spending countless hours outdoors, wandering the woods, getting lost, but always finding his way home. Learning how to hunt, fish and respect the outdoors is something that was instilled at a young age from his father and grandfather. When he is not working you can usually find him shooting his bow, catching up on sports, or just getting out into the mountains to see the amazing views that the Rocky Mountains have to offer. Luke is the brains behind the scenes making sure all Patriot Hunter gear looks great and gets out the door to our customers in a timely manner!